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Winter Arrived with a Bang

Well, winter has certainly arrived with a bang hasn’t it. It feels like those balmy autumn days are long gone and if you’re anything like us, we have dug into the wardrobe and pulled out all our warm winter clothes! In saying that, we really needed the rain fall and hopefully your lawn and garden had a good drink.

With all the wind we’ve had recently you might find that your lawn has received a new coating of dead leaves. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to rake them up and pop them in the compost or green bin. Having too many dead leaves on your lawn will block sunlight from reaching your lawn and it can lead to fungal disease and pests.

Some turf varieties will go completely dormant over the winter months so you won’t need to worry too much about mowing at all. If you do need to give your lawn a trim, make sure you leave the mower height up so as not to damage the grass blades too much. Cutting too short at this time of year can leave your lawn susceptible to disease. If you’re not using your mower much, now is a great time to get it serviced and sharpen the blades ready for spring.

Over the winter months while the lawn goes dormant, unfortunately the weeds don’t. You will need to keep an eye on this and keep on top of them. Hand weeding is one option or you can apply a selective herbicide. We don’t generally recommend applying fertiliser over winter as it won’t be as effective as during the warmer months as the grass isn’t able to utilise the nutrients as effectively.

If you are in a frost prone area and you notice your lawn losing a bit of its green, a product such as Colourguard Plus can be used. This is a liquid fertiliser mix with a natural pigment added which will instantly make your lawn look greener and it lasts for up to 3 months, just enough to get you through winter.

We get quite a few enquiries about laying new turf over winter and most people are pleasantly surprised to find out that the cooler months are not a barrier at all to having the lawn of your dreams. In fact, it can actually be easier! For one, you will use much less water during the establishment period and as the turf will be dormant, you won’t have to spend much time mowing it until spring. When the dry summer months hit your lawn will already be established. Our team are always happy to provide you with any information you need about getting new turf laid.

Don’t forget that we offer a wide range of one off services including laying of new turf as well as our Lawn Care Program to help keep your lawn in tip top condition so you don’t have to worry. For more information, please get in touch, we are always happy to help.

Winter Arrived with a Bang

If you need any assistance with lawn maintenance our team is always happy to help and you are welcome to give us a call on 1300 571 154. We can offer one off services and monthly seasonal maintenance packages.

Send us details of what you are interested in and we will respond quickly. If you are a bit unsure what would be best for your outdoor area, just give us a call 1300 571 154

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