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Manningham – What a difference! - Before
Manningham – What a difference! - During
Manningham – What a difference! - Completed

Manningham – What a difference!

The team started this job with a complete soil excavation. We then rotary hoed and added in gypsum and trace elements to ensure good lawn establishment and strong root development. Jefferies Special Soil was introduced to both the lawn and garden beds. The new garden beds were created using a brick edge installed on a mortar base and they made a great looking contrast to the lawn and the hedge planting of Murraya Paniculata. A drip line was installed in the garden beds then mulch added for looks and more water efficiency and moisture retention. Pop-up irrigation connected to auto controllers was added to the lawn base with Sir Walter DNA Certified turf installed and rolled. To find out more on this type of lawn Click Here

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