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Summer So Far

January is over, school is back and it hasn’t really felt like summer so far this year. We’ve had a bit of a mixed bag really weather wise, a couple of scorchers, some heavy rain days, wind, storms and plenty of high humidity days. Still, it’s been comfortable having most days in the mid 20’s rather than the mid 40’s which is much more enjoyable for not only your lawn and gardens but for working outside.

Let’s chat about watering. It’s best done in the early morning to give your lawn a fighting chance against the sun’s evaporation skills. A hearty drink of around 30-45 mins, 2-3 times a week is ideal. It’s like a mini spa for your lawn, encouraging deep root growth which helps your grass stay cool and fight off sickness and pesky invaders like weeds. If you have been thinking about installing automatic irrigation, we can assist with design and installation of new systems as well as servicing and upgrading old systems. Automatic irrigation saves you time moving the sprinkler round or having to hand water and actually uses less water as you only the areas that need watering, get watered.

Spot puddles on your lawn after watering? That’s a sign of tight soil, craving some air. You can give it a jab with a pitchfork or, if your lawn’s on the larger side, we’re here to aerate with our gear, getting it done fast and right. Aeration lets your lawn breathe, drink up the water and nutrients it needs. Oh, and don’t forget about a wetting agent – it’s like a hydration booster for your grass.

Mowing’s got to be on your summer playlist too. Mow often but keep the grass high – think of it like a haircut that keeps your lawn cool and stress-free. Trimming more than a third of the grass height can stress it out, and no one wants that. Keep your mower blades sharp to avoid tearing the grass. And here’s a little lawn hack: Leave the clippings after mowing. If your lawn’s quenched, those clippings will break down and return the favour, feeding your lawn back with nutrients.

So, while the summer can be a scorcher, with a bit of know-how and care, your lawn doesn’t have to sweat it. With the right watering, aeration, and mowing, your lawn will be the oasis you need during the warm season. And remember, we’re always here to help with advice or services to keep your greens, well… green!

Summer so far

If you need any assistance with lawn maintenance our team is always happy to help and you are welcome to give us a call on 1300 571 154. We can offer one off services and monthly seasonal maintenance packages.

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