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Not Feeling Much Like Summer

Well, after not really feeling much like summer February really turned on the goods didn’t it. Nice warm temperatures without too many scorching days. But for our lawns, it has been really, really dry with not much rain. The dry South Australian climate can be challenging to keep your lawn green and healthy but it is possible.

The first thing to look at is irrigation. Water early in the morning so your lawn has a chance to absorb as much water as possible without evaporation. If you can, a good soak 2-3 times per week is much better than watering more frequently for shorter times. Having more water less often encourages your turf to grow longer roots which then means that it is more tolerant to heat and will be less susceptible to disease and weeds.

If you are irrigating and the water pools on the lawn surface, you might have compacted soil. This can be fixed by aerating your soil which can be done by yourself with a pitchfork. If you have a big area to be done we can provide this service for you as our aerating machine allows us to do this job quickly and effectively. Aerating breaks up the soil and allows the water and fertiliser to penetrate to the roots of your lawn where it is needed, once again helping your lawn to be healthier.

Lawn mowing is also an important summer lawn care factor. We recommend mowing more frequently but adjusting your mower height so that not as much of the grass blade is removed. Yes, we know that having to mow more often can be a pain but during the hot, dry Adelaide summer there is already plenty of stress placed on our turf. Unfortunately, cutting off more than a third of the blade can result can put strain on the health of your lawn. Having a sharp mower blade also helps as it causes less injury to your lawn. The good news is though that if you stick to the one third rule, you don’t necessarily need to collect your lawn clippings! Provided your lawn is well watered, the clippings will quickly break down putting valuable nutrients back into your lawn.

As always, the Instant Lawn Adelaide team are on hand to help with new installations, a regular maintenance schedule or a one off specialised service. For more information, give the team a call today.

Not Feeling Much Like Summer

If you need any assistance with lawn maintenance our team is always happy to help and you are welcome to give us a call on 1300 571 154. We can offer one off services and monthly seasonal maintenance packages.

Send us details of what you are interested in and we will respond quickly. If you are a bit unsure what would be best for your outdoor area, just give us a call 1300 571 154

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